La Jolla Swim-Run Classic - Oct 18, 2014 - Starts 9:30AM / 8th Annual
(formerly known as The LJ Shark Bait Classic)
The race was started in 2007 by Kevin Gitre, Bob Buckley and Lee Carson following their high school reunion.  Recalling the times they would jump off the ‘Clam’ and then swim to the Shores, they mapped out the perfect swim / run event.
Everyone is welcome!  All participants get a Tee Shirt and a tick mark for their bucket list.  San Diego Home/Garden Lifestyles Magazine provides pizza and refreshments at the finish line.   As is customary, Jack Farnan will present the first and last place finishers with trophies.
The name of the race was changed in 2013 to The LJ Swim-Run Classic to make it a little more wellness friendly, and a little less gnarly.  
A small donation is appreciated for a worthy cause.  Proceeds go to San Diego Youth Rugby to sponsor kids who might not otherwise be able to participate.  Thank you to KUSI Channel 9 for their consistant and enthusiastic support for our event!
2014 Men's Champion:  #1: John Coyne #2: Sean Boren
2013 Women's Champion: Mackenzie Gloven
1st Place John Coyne / 2nd Place Sean Boren
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